Abdul Sattar Mapara

CSE '2020

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About Me

I am a Computer Science UG student at Visvsesvaraya National Institute of Technology,Nagpur. I am currently pursuing my third year in B.Tech program. I am also a blogger and and I like to write some small but engaging articles.My blog can be visited here.

My Skills



Comfortable in programming with C,C++ and Java.
Also familiar with data structures.

Web Development

Well versed with Java(jsp and servlets) and PHP for the backend and HTML,CSS,Bootstrap,JavaScript for front-end.Also able to develop responsive webpages.


Opearting Systems-Ubuntu,Windows
Tools-Wordpress, Github, MySQL


Good Communication and presentation skills.
Also hosted event(s) at Visioniks Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and at school gatherings.

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Pinned MasterPieces

Data Structures Assignments

Assignments on various data structures.

MCQ-Contest Hosting WebApp

Web Application to conduct timed mcq-based contests.
TECH - Java Servlets ,JSP ,HTML,CSS,JS,Bootstrap,MySQL Database